Start Blogging

To post to this blog, follow these steps:

  1. Start by getting an account on UCalgaryblogs.
  2. Then get an account on this blog by clicking on ‘Register’ on the home page. The password is in the course outline (page 3).

I have written these guidelines, and also these, to help you write blog posts that are also effective critical writing.

Your tone can be informal first-person (using “I”), but for full marks, your language must be correct and your structure must move readers from topic to argument, and introduction to conclusion. Your posts should use hyperlinks, and/or embedded multimedia, to enhance your argument or illustrate your claims. (The guidelines show you how, and give you models to follow.)

  • Unsure how to use UCalgaryBlogs? Need a rubric? Find details here.
  • Unsure how to insert images, videos, or SoundCloud files? Find detailed instructions here.